(KTLA) — Dash-cam footage from a Tesla captured the moment a vehicle on a Southern California freeway ran over a tire that had just come off a nearby pickup truck, launching the car into a midair spin.

The incident occurred on Mar. 23 on the 118 Freeway in Chatsworth and was caught on Anoop Khatra’s dashboard camera.  

Video shows traffic moving along the roadway when a dark-colored vehicle approaches a pickup truck that had just transitioned into the middle lane. Moments later, the truck’s front driver’s side tire pops off right in front of the dark-colored car.  

The driver of the dark-colored vehicle runs over the tire and shoots into a midair spin before crashing back onto the freeway hood first and rolling back right side up. As if that weren’t scary enough, video also shows the tire coming back into frame and slamming into the wreckage of the vehicle as it skids to a stop.  

Khatra said the driver of the dark-colored vehicle was the sole occupant of the car, and the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed there were no major injuries following the crash, an independent news agency reported.