Two California Lottery scratchers sold in Central and Northern California resulted in a multi-million-dollar payday for two state residents, the lottery office announced Tuesday.

Jose Sanchez, a Stanislaus County resident, received $5 million after playing a 2023 scratcher ticket. The ticket was sold at Bait Barn retail location in Waterford.

Avtar Sra, the owner of Bait Barn, received $25,000 for selling the winning ticket. He told the California Lottery that the win has dramatically increased business.

“Customers are excited. This is the first time a big win like this has happened in my life,” Sra told the state lottery office.

Sra plans to invest some of the money back into the business and give a portion to employees.

Sanchez, the newly minted millionaire, didn’t disclose what he plans to do with the money.

Another California resident, Eduardo Pingquian, won $5 million after playing the Extreme Cash scratchers ticket.

Pingquian purchased the ticket at Fastrip, a convenience store in Kern County. Pingquian didn’t disclose what he plans to do with the money.