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(iSeeCars) – Production shutdowns and supply chain issues from the ongoing microchip shortage have drastically lowered new car inventory. As the demand continues to exceed the supply of new cars, dealers across the country are pricing new cars above MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) and removing new car incentives. 

The newest iSeeCars study of 1.2 million new car listings found the average new vehicle is priced 9.9 percent above MSRP, but some vehicles are priced well above this average. Here are the new cars that are priced the highest above MSRP in each state.

The New Car Priced the Highest Over MSRP in Each State- iSeeCars
StateVehicle% Above MSRP$ Above MSRP
AlabamaFord Bronco27.1%$10,347
AlaskaFord F-15017.5%$8,774
ArizonaPorsche Macan24.5%$14,025
ArkansasJeep Wrangler Unlimited26.1%$10,880
CaliforniaJeep Wrangler26.7%$8,793
ColoradoJeep Wrangler31.2%$10,321
ConnecticutJeep Wrangler32.0%$10,277
DelawareJeep Gladiator23.6%$10,110
FloridaCadillac CT4-V26.8%$15,821
GeorgiaJeep Wrangler28.6%$9,242
HawaiiJeep Wrangler Unlimited26.9%$10,391
IdahoJeep Wrangler Unlimited27.3%$11,248
IllinoisLexus RX 450h29.4%$14,480
IndianaJeep Wrangler27.3%$9,376
IowaJeep Wrangler Unlimited23.0%$9,759
KansasFord Bronco23.6%$8,873
KentuckyChevrolet Corvette24.1%$16,006
LouisianaJeep Wrangler25.4%$8,546
MaineJeep Gladiator20.8%$8,960
MarylandFord Maverick29.2%$7,129
MassachusettsFord Maverick31.5%$7,091
MichiganJeep Gladiator29.6%$12,212
MinnesotaJeep Wrangler25.3%$8,706
MississippiJeep Wrangler Unlimited26.1%$10,746
MissouriJeep Wrangler28.9%$9,581
MontanaFord Bronco28.6%$10,285
NebraskaFord Bronco24.1%$8,962
NevadaJeep Wrangler Unlimited27.8%$11,859
New HampshireJeep Wrangler23.7%$7,721
New JerseyFord Maverick34.0%$7,549
New MexicoJeep Wrangler Unlimited28.0%$11,420
New YorkJeep Wrangler27.0%$8,870
North CarolinaJeep Wrangler25.7%$8,500
North DakotaJeep Wrangler Unlimited20.2%$8,954
OhioLexus RX 450h28.8%$14,075
OklahomaFord Bronco27.8%$10,518
OregonJeep Wrangler28.8%$9,563
PennsylvaniaFord Maverick34.7%$7,843
Rhode IslandJeep Wrangler Unlimited25.6%$10,054
South CarolinaJeep Wrangler29.8%$9,829
South DakotaJeep Gladiator26.1%$10,746
TennesseeJeep Wrangler28.0%$9,193
TexasGenesis GV7030.2%$13,197
UtahFord Bronco25.1%$9,357
VermontJeep Gladiator24.9%$10,609
VirginiaFord Maverick34.1%$7,554
WashingtonFord Maverick30.8%$7,779
West VirginiaFord Bronco23.9%$9,068
WisconsinJeep Wrangler29.8%$10,159
WyomingJeep Gladiator23.3%$10,613
  • The Jeep Wrangler compact off-road SUV is the vehicle with the highest markup over MSRP in most states with 15. Its four-door variant, the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, earns the distinction in the second-most number of states with nine. 
  • Jeep vehicles account for the highest marked-up vehicle in 30 states.
  • The vehicle with the highest markup across all states is the Ford Maverick compact pickup truck, which is priced 34.7 percent above MSRP in Pennsylvania.

What Does This Mean for Consumers?

New car buyers will likely have trouble finding available inventory and can expect to pay higher-than-average prices for vehicles that are in high demand. New car shortages are expected to persist due to the backlog of demand, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict has led to factory shutdowns and pricing increases on raw materials. Moreover, the lack of inventory for new cars has led to used car price increases as well. The best way to avoid paying over sticker or to find used cars that aren’t drastically overpriced is to broaden your search radius and consider similar vehicles that may not be as overpriced.

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iSeeCars analyzed over 1.2 million new cars listed for sale between February 1 and March 25, 2022, and compared their list price to their MSRP. The average difference was expressed as a percentage from MSRP and used to rank models. Low-volume models and heavy-duty vehicles were excluded from further analysis.

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