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TEMECULA, Calif. — The mayor of Temecula announced his resignation after sending an email that stated he didn’t “believe there’s ever been a good person of color killed by a police officer” in the region.

In a Facebook post Wednesday evening, James Stewart said he is dyslexic and was responding by voice text to “a person concerned about our police officers and their sensitivity training.”

“What I said is and I don’t believe there has ever been a person of color murdered by police, on context to Temecula or Riverside county. I absolutely did not say ‘good’ I have no idea how that popped up,” he wrote. “Please forgive me for this egregious error.”

A little more than 24 hours later, Stewart announced he would resign.

“I understand that even my sincerest apologies cannot remedy this situation,” Stewart wrote in a Facebook post Thursday night.

Some criticized Stewart for overlooking the shooting of Tyisha Miller, who was killed by Riverside police in 1998. He told the Press-Enterprise that he later remembered the incident.