San Diego is one of the top destinations in the country that people are looking to move to, according to a new housing report published by real estate website Redfin.

A record high of 33.9% of all Redfin users across the U.S. looked into moving from one metropolitan area to another throughout July and August. This is up from the 26% of Redfin users who were considering the same before the pandemic hit.

San Diego was the third-highest metro area in the country for net inflow, or how many more users looked to move into an area than leave, according to the report. San Diego was behind only Miami and Sacramento in net inflow.

For those looking to move to San Diego from outside of the state of California, Seattle residents made up the largest group.

While San Diego and Sacramento saw a lot of interest for those looking to relocate, homebuyers are leaving two major California cities in droves.

Homebuyers in Southern California were leaving Los Angeles at a high rate. More than 34,000 Redfin users were searching for homes in new areas in July and August. The top destination for Angelenos? Sunny San Diego of course.

As far as moving out of California, users from Los Angeles were searching in Las Vegas, Nevada for new digs.

More people looked to leave the Bay Area than any other metropolitan area in July and August, Redfin says. Where are San Franciscans looking to go? The top in-state destination is the state capitol, Sacramento. Homebuyers looking to move out of California altogether are most frequently searching in Seattle, Washington, according to Redfin.

Though many homebuyers are considering leaving the San Francisco area, that number has declined due to home prices coming down from their pandemic highs, according to the report. Home prices have leveled out by coming down 8% in San Francisco, 1.6% in Oakland, and 0.2% in San Jose over the past year.


Redfin sampled the data of around two million Redfin users searching for homes in more than 100 metro areas in July and August. For more details about how the study was conducted, please visit the Redfin website.