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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A new poll shows most California voters would keep Gov. Gavin Newsom in office if the recall election was held Wednesday. 

The poll released by the non-partisan nonprofit Public Policy Institute of California is fueling Democratic calls for Newsom’s administration to push up the recall election date. Recall organizers say they are fired up as supporters of the governor urge him to shorten the recall timeline and have the election sooner than the fall.  

“He will not succeed. He will go down in August, he’ll go down in July, he’ll go down in December,” said Anne Dunsmore, campaign manager for Rescue California. “He is a bad governor and I’m on the verge of saying he’s a very dangerous man.” 

The reaction comes as state Sen. Steven Glazer, D-Orinda, has been tweeting all week that the governor should fight the battle on his own terms.  

Glazer tweeted in part that Newsom’s best opportunity to win the recall is to have an early election, noting his biggest threats are the unknowns with virus variants and wildfires. 

Newsom earlier this week would not say when he hopes the election would be scheduled. 

“That’s going to be determined by a series of actions the Legislature takes, Department of Finance takes, the secretary of state takes. They’ll make that determination, period, full stop,” Newsom said. 

The California Department of Finance sent a letter this week to all counties in the state requesting they fast-track their recall election cost estimates so that counties can be reimbursed with this year’s state budget. Estimates are due Tuesday. 

The Department of Finance and the California Legislature are required to do a full cost analysis as part of the recall election process, which some Democrats say could be done within the next month, saving a significant amount of time. 

FOX40 asked recall organizers if an August recall election will affect their efforts. 

“Oh no, this is just the kind of thing that he underestimates and has underestimated all along,” Dunsmore replied. “You want to give us a reason to mobilize citizens and compound the number of people engaged, go ahead and manipulate the citizens of California.” 

A new poll by the PPIC released late Tuesday night showed 57% of voters would keep the governor if the recall election was held in May. 

The poll also noted big boosts in voter perceptions of the state’s COVID-19 situation, vaccine rollout and economy compared to the start of the year. 

“That doesn’t mean that a wildfire season or that a slippage regarding COVID couldn’t happen. But as people are viewing the recall situation today, these are the perceptions their holding compared to January, it’s just been a sea of optimism,” explained PPIC associate survey director Dean Bonner.