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OAKLAND, Calif. KRON) – A Victorian house in Oakland is on the market for free.

You read that correctly, but there is a catch.

The house, currently located at 2428 Chestnut Street in Oakland, can be yours as long as you relocate it.

A workforce housing development project in Oakland acquired the property earlier this year and has approved plans to build 12 three-story residential units, according to Oakland City Planning Commission documents.

In order to make room for that project, the house has got to go.

“While the house itself is definitely free, the person who ends up taking it will have to have a piece of land to bring it to, and they will have to pay and manage for the relocation of the house itself,” said Alex Walter who is part of the workforce housing development team.

The house is also in need of extensive repairs.

“The house will need some tender love and care. It’s been vacant for years. With that comes a lack of maintenance.”

Walter says the house is probably close to 100 years old.

So if you have the means and know how to relocate a house, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

If you’re interested, the Craigslist link includes more information.