BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Former NFL superstar Colin Kaepernick is releasing a new docuseries on Hulu and the series hits close to home.

It’s called “Killing County” and focuses on how a deadly hotel shooting that killed Jorge Ramirez Jr. and changed a family and community in Kern County.

Ramirez Jr. was shot and killed by Bakersfield police in 2013 outside the Four Points Sheraton Hotel on California Avenue while working as an off-the-books informant. No officers were charged in connection to the shooting.

However, it was revealed later that BPD Detectives Damacio Diaz and Patrick Mara were involved in making Ramirez Jr. an informant. Diaz participated in the docuseries and discussed being sentenced to five years in prison in 2016 for stealing drugs and putting them back on the street.

“I was wrong and I admit that today […] I began to not only bend the rules but cross the line,” said Diaz.

In 2018, Ramirez Jr.’s father told 17 News Diaz was behind his son’s death.

“As far as I’m concerned, he sent my son to his death,” said Ramirez Sr.

A few years after Ramirez Jr. was killed, his family still fought for justice against the department.

“We want the officers to be held accountable, and we are going to fight for justice for my brother, and they’ll never forget who we are because we’ll always stand strong,” said Ramirez Jr.’s sister, Nicole Ramirez.

Now nearly 10 years after his death, they are using this platform to ensure he is never forgotten and share the stories of other families who have experienced the same.

The docuseries, Killing County, is streaming on Hulu on Feb. 3.