New California law cracks down on sideshows


SACRAMENTO (KRON) – Assembly Bill 3 was signed into law today by Governor Gavin Newsom and provides harsher punishments for people who participate in sideshows.

The bill, authored by Vince Fong, allows courts to issue driver’s license suspensions up to six months.

The bill also assigns the first legal definition to a sideshow in California as an incident that involves two or more vehicles block or impede traffic on a highway, for the purpose of performing vehicle stunts, speed contests, or reckless driving, for an audience.

“Illegal sideshows continue to devastate families, claim innocent lives in our communities, and create serious risks for our youth,” said Fong. “Proactive enforcement is critical to stopping dangerous sideshows before they start. This law will make our streets safer for everyone and together, we will send a strong message that this dangerous activity will not be tolerated.”

The California Highway Patrol responded to over 25,000 calls involving illegal street racing activity in the past year.

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