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SAN DIEGO — Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the launch of a new website to help Californians determine when they’re eligible for the coronavirus vaccine.

The new scheduling and data system called My Turn launched in Los Angeles and San Diego counties with state leaders hoping for a statewide rollout in the coming weeks.

Site visitors submit basic information about their age and other coronavirus-related factors and the platform lets them know if it’s their turn to get a vaccine. Californians are also encouraged to signup to be notified by text or email when it’s their turn to get the vaccine and schedule appointments.

Newsom said the new system also transmits data more quickly to the CDC. It will help vaccine providers share more up-to-date information on the number of shots being administered, resolving what Newsom called a frustrating lag time in reporting that often makes it appear fewer shots have been given.

“We believe it’s the most comprehensive end-to-end system of its type in the United States,” Newsom said. “But again, we acknowledge it’s in its pilot phase.”

Newsom shared news of the new platform as he briefed reporters Monday on the decision to lift stay-at-home orders in California. The state’s decision came amid improving trends in California’s rate of infections, hospitalizations and intensive care unit capacity, as well as vaccinations. The order, which prohibited onsite dining, had been in place since Dec. 6.