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LOS ANGELES – Two people have died and at least five more were wounded after a shooting at Peck Park in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles Sunday afternoon.

The shooting happened just before 4 p.m. at the park, which is located at 560 N. Western Ave. in San Pedro.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said in an alert that seven people were wounded, four men and three women, at or near a car show at the park. All seven people were taken to nearby hospitals, the Fire Department said.

“At least three of the patients are confirmed to have sustained gunshot injury, including one Male and one Female transported in Critical condition. There are no other patients remaining at scene,” the LAFD added.

Commander Jay Mastick added that of the seven victims, four were transported by the Los Angeles Fire Department, and two of those victims were in full arrest.

The Los Angeles Police Department is on a citywide tactical alert due to the incident, added Officer Cervantes of the LAPD. An LAPD helicopter circled the area as seen in video from the scene and confirmed on the online flight tracking website Flightaware.

The alert will be called off “as we get our arms wrapped around this incident,” Mastick said.

On Twitter, the LAPD confirmed that the incident is “NOT an active shooter situation.”

Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino, who represents San Pedro, said a suspect was in custody, but he did not elaborate further, and police have not yet confirmed that information.

Witnesses told KTLA that they ran from the scene in fear for their lives and the lives of the children who were at the park.

“I was trying to get away. I wasn’t trying to see who was laying anywhere. I just grabbed the babies that I saw were scared, and we took off with the babies,” said a woman named Sandra.

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