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The man who had earlier claimed to be the driver behind a dangerous Tesla stunt in Echo Park early Sunday morning appeared to enjoy the notoriety from his online fame, but grew cautious when asked about it Monday evening.

The viral video shows the Tesla driving up the hill at a high rate of speed at the intersection of Baxter and Alvarado streets, catching air and slamming hard onto its front tires. The vehicle then goes careening into multiple trash cans and then crashes into two parked cars.

KTLA caught up with the TikTok user who has claimed to be responsible for the Tesla stunt at his Sherman Oaks home. The man, identified as Dominykas Zeglaitis, or Durte Dom on social media, was more than happy to talk about the viral video — at first.

“Man, [expletive] is crazy out there. I don’t even know what was going on,” he said from the front door of his home where a Tesla sat parked in the driveway.

When asked if he was really the driver of the car or simply someone looking to take credit for the stunt in search of online clout, Zeglaitis said, “you can’t believe what you see online always.”

When asked again if he was the person behind the wheel of the rented Tesla Model S, he said he was advised by legal representation to keep quiet.

“I’m not saying anything, my lawyers told me not to talk about it,” he said.

Despite saying he was not willing to talk about the dangerous stunt on one of L.A.’s steepest streets, his social media told a different story.

In one video, he claimed to have been under the influence of marijuana edibles at the time of the crash. When asked whether or not he was on drugs at the time he allegedly crashed the car, he replied: no comment.

Zeglaitis also posted video of him laughing at the KTLA story posted Sunday in which we reported that the Los Angeles Police Department was offering a $1,000 reward for information regarding the driver of the Tesla.

Despite playing coy with KTLA, Zeglaitis will still likely have to answer to the Los Angeles Police Department. The LAPD Central Traffic Division said in a tweet that they had received numerous tips regarding Zeglaitis who is considered a person of interest in the case.

Alex Choi, a person whom LAPD has identified as a witness, said Zeglaitis was not the driver of the Tesla. In fact, Choi claims he wasn’t even present at the time.

Police say this was a very dangerous stunt on a very dangerous street that could have cost someone their life. Luckily, the LAPD is only investigating reports of property damage and no injuries. But for Jordan Hook, whose Subaru was totaled after it was hit by the Tesla during the reckless stunt, that doesn’t provide him very much comfort.