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KERN COUNTY, Calif. (KGET) — Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom visited a health clinic in Kern County to discuss the California Blueprint proposal, which increases health care affordability and expands Medi-Cal coverage to all Californians regardless of immigration status.

Newsom’s plan expands access to coverage to an additional 764,000 undocumented Californians, according to a news release. The plan also aims to cut costs and increase transparency within the health care system.

According to a feedback survey done by 17 News in response to Newsom’s budget proposal announced Monday, most Kern County residents do not want universal healthcare in California with 76 percent saying no and 24 percent saying yes.

Additionally, the California Blueprint calls for $1.7 billion to support health infrastructure and support frontline workers by expanding and diversifying the state’s health and community care workforce, including through scholarships, loan repayments and grants.

Newsom said he plans to pay for universal health care with money from California’s surplus budget.