Authorities rescued a small child from the back of a stolen vehicle following a pursuit in South Los Angeles Monday evening.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department began pursuing the vehicle in downtown L.A. around 8:30 p.m. Police continued to chase the vehicle as it made its way through South L.A., snaking through residential streets with LAPD vehicles in close pursuit.

The vehicle, a white sedan, traveled at high speeds through busy intersections as it evaded police, who deployed several spike strips to disable the vehicle. After driving over several spike strips, most or all of the car’s tires ended up tearing or deflating.

Even with the damaged tires, the vehicle continued to lead police on a slow-speed chase.

The vehicle eventually stopped near the intersection of Stocker Street and Angeles Vista Boulevard. The driver exited the vehicle, put their hands in the air and obeyed commands to lie face down away from the vehicle.

Officers then approached the vehicle’s passenger side to remove a small child who appeared to be sleeping in a child’s car seat.

The driver was then taken into custody by police.

The child was eventually awoken and appeared to be unharmed, video from Sky 5 showed. Police are in the process of reuniting the child and their mother.

The incident and pursuit are under investigation by police.