Have you seen Maki? Lemur missing after break-in at San Francisco Zoo


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Police say someone broke into the San Francisco Zoo overnight and stole a ring-tailed lemur.

This Dec. 17, 2018, photo provided by the San Francisco Police courtesy of the San Francisco Zoo, shows a missing lemur, named Maki. The ring-tailed lemur was missing from the San Francisco Zoo after someone broke into an enclosure overnight and stole the endangered animal, police said Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020. (Marianne V. Hale/San Francisco Zoo via AP)

They said the 21-year-old male lemur named Maki was discovered missing shortly before the zoo opened to visitors Wednesday.

Investigators found evidence of a forced entry to the lemur enclosure and processed the scene for evidence. They’re seeking tips from the public, saying that Maki is an endangered animal that requires specialized care, and they are circulating a photo of a ring-tailed lemur.

The zoo boasts the largest outdoor lemur habitat in the country, housing seven different lemur species native to Madagascar.

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