LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. — Some families in the Laguna Niguel community of Orange County have little, if anything, to return to after a wind-driven brush fire destroyed and damaged at least 20 homes there.

Resident Keith Morey spoke with FOX 5 after the blaze, which officials named the Coastal Fire, swept through and destroyed the home he’s rented for nine years — taking nearly everything he owned with it.

But Morey and his wife found a small moment of positivity: Firefighters were able to save their computer and a wedding photo. Crews returned those belongings to the couple Thursday, providing a touching moment amid the destruction and sadness.

“They’re the heroes,” Morey said, clutching the beloved photograph in its frame.

Fire crews from all over Southern California, including San Diego County, have responded to the 200-acre blaze. Homes continued to smolder there Thursday, and what’s left of the burnt-out structures remained unstable and in danger of collapsing.

Throughout the day, residents walked the street in disbelief, checking on their homes and their neighbors’ homes.

FOX 5 also spoke with evacuees who spent the night at a nearby Red Cross evacuation center.

“I saw an orange glow coming. (I) come to my bedroom and I looked out the window, and I could see the hillside on fire. My neighbor called me and she said, ‘Everybody is evacuating,'” one resident explained.

“It was scary inside, you know, trying to keep it as a parent — trying to maintain composure. But I was scared because it was coming so fast, they came up so quickly.”

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