(KRON) — A large fight broke out Friday night at an In-N-Out near Levi’s Stadium, the Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) said in a Facebook post. It happened around 11:12 p.m. after the 49ers’ preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Two individuals each suffered multiple stab wounds from the fight, according to SCPD. Video (below) shows a fight inside the fast-food restaurant. Police said at least 10 people were involved — some seen wearing either 49ers or Raiders gear.

One individual is seen holding a knife-like weapon before he stabs one of the victims. Due to the graphic nature of the act, KRON4 elected to end the video before the stabbing.

Three individuals — including one in a Raider jersey and one in a 49er jersey — were seen ganging up on a person lying on his back.

SCPD is calling this incident a “stabbing-assault with a deadly weapon.” The suspect(s) remain at large, and police have not announced any arrests made in connection to the incident.

Both victims were taken to a hospital for treatment, but their respective conditions are unknown at this time, according to SCPD.

The In-N-Out is located at 3001 Mission College Blvd., which is approximately 1.5 miles southwest of Levi’s Stadium.