(FOX40.COM) — The family of an inmate at Sacramento County Jail demanded answers Saturday after their loved one Tyus Hutton was taken to a hospital and put on life support with what they said was no explanation of the cause.

“Tyus is my only son. Tyson is my last baby,” said Hutton’s father, Ted Gayfield with tears streaming from his eyes.

25-year-old Hutton was booked at the Sacramento County Jail on May 29 under suspicion of burglary, rape, battery, and other sex crimes. On August 23 he was rushed to Sutter Medical Center where the family said he was declared brain dead. They say they weren’t notified of his presence at the hospital until August 29 and that he is currently clinging to life.

“I’m just at a loss of words because I can’t ever get my baby back,” Gayfield said distraughtly. “Even if he makes it out he isn’t going to be right. I know that. It’s going to be hard, but I have to be there for him, that’s my baby.”

The family reported that prior to the incident Hutton was mentally ill and that the hospital is the one who reached out about his life-threatening condition, not the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office.

“He has suffered a brain death. He is not an inmate anymore he is a victim of a crime,” said civil rights attorney Melissa Nold. “The question now is, who is the criminal? Is it an inmate? Or is it a guard? They need to answer that, the family has a right to know who has caused an end to their son’s life.”

Sacramento Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Amar Gandhi told FOX40 that there was a fight between two inmates and one was taken to the hospital. He added that no deputies were involved in assaulting an inmate and that detectives are investigating the fight that broke out.

“My demand is for an independent third-party investigation – a very thorough one so I can know what happened to my son – and for us to be treated with respect and as humans,” said Hutton’s mother, Talina Hutton. “Give my son the dignity that he deserves.”