SAN DIEGO, Calif. — The Environmental Protection Agency is giving California the green-light to phase out diesel engines.

New emissions standards are calling for 50% of all mid and big rig trucks to be zero emissions vehicles by the year 2035.

“There was a study done by the Department of Energy that found the cost of zero emission vehicles will be the same as diesel emissions vehicles, without subsidies, by 2035,” said Dr. Tom, of the Corringham Scripps Research Institute.

California is already on track to end the sale of all gas cars by 2035, but the new announcement takes direct aim at the industrial sector.

“We are already there, this is just pushing us over the edge to really make this happen,” said Dr. Corringham.

Truckers are skeptical advances will make this mandate feasible.

“I think it’s a great idea, but I just don’t see it for the long haul drivers. Maybe for local driving, but the long haul not so much,” said Mike Bertz, a long haul trucker.

Some truckers are worried electrified trucks will need to be charged often, slowing down shipping routes and shortening ranges.

“If you have to charge an electric truck, you could probably drive it three days a week and the rest of the time it’d be charging,” said another trucker in Chula Vista.

Companies with 50 or more trucks will have to report their fleet set up with 50% EV semi’s by 2035.