(KTXL) — In Sacramento County neighborhoods, like in the neighborhoods of many other cities, street names could take on a common theme.

In the Florin area of Sacramento County, there is a certain intersection composed of two streets that have the names of a classic American science fiction television show.

Pass through the area and you’ll come upon a corner where Klingon Court and Romulan Court meet.

If you recognize those street names, that’s because they’re from the franchise Star Trek. 

Klingon refers to one of the many alien races in the Star Trek universe. One of the notable Klingons from the Star Trek universe is Worf, who appeared in multiple films and series. 

Romulan is another fictional alien race that appears in many Star Trek series and films.

There isn’t a clear answer as to why this intersection has those street names, as the neighborhood has been around for decades and the person who chose the names cannot be tracked down by the developer of the area.

“Street names are chosen by the developer when they are built,” Sacramento County spokesperson Matt Robinson told FOX40 News in an email. “Those streets have been around since the 1970s…We haven’t been able to find anyone who remembers why those streets were given those names.”

According to Robinson, the developer of the streets was Mark III, which developed other residential neighborhoods around the same area with space-themed names. 

Near the Klingon and Romulan intersection is Galaxy Parkway, Uranus Parkway, Altair Parkway, Sky Parkway, Nova Parkway, Planet Parkway, and Satellite Parkway.  

Star Trek-themed intersection in Sacramento
Photo by FOX40/KTXL

A representative from the developer said the people who worked in that particular neighborhood are no longer with the company.

A second Star Trek-themed intersection in Central California

About an hour and a half south of Sacramento, another Star Trek-themed intersection can be found in Turlock.

The intersection in Turlock is named Picard Lane and Warp Drive and is off Highway 99. 

Picard Lane is named after the character Jean-Luc Picard from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The character is often seen on the USS Enterprise and was originally played by Patrick Stewart. 

The namesake of Warp Drive comes from the show’s fictional form of “warp speed” travel.

What is the process of naming a street in Sacramento County?

Before neighborhoods are developed, the developer will submit their plans to Sacramento County including proposed street names, Robinson said. 

The county then reviews and approves those plans. 

“We make sure the names are unique enough that they won’t cause confusion for emergency responders or postal workers, so they avoid names that sound or are spelled similar to existing streets in the area,” Robinson said.