A stolen vehicle suspect is in custody after a two-hour long pursuit through South Los Angeles neighborhoods that included five PIT-maneuvers by officers with the California Highway Patrol.  

The pursuit, which was initiated by deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, started just before 9 p.m. in the area of Rosecrans and Atlantic avenues before transitioning onto the northbound 710 Freeway, where CHP took the lead.  

In the area of downtown L.A., the pursuit wound its way into a cul-de-sac where the driver, who appeared to have nowhere to go, backed into a CHP cruiser and then drove through two chain-link gates.  

The suspect then led authorities in a chase across several other freeways, finally exiting the 105 Freeway at Rosecrans Avenue.  

Aerial footage from Sky5 showed the suspect driving on the wrong side of the road, blowing through red lights, nearly hitting other cars at intersections and driving at speeds of up to 87 miles an hour on surface streets.  

For more than an hour, the stolen vehicle suspect circled the streets of Compton and Lynwood with CHP officers trailing just behind.  

The suspect’s vehicle sustained severe damage, losing tire tread as a result of spike strips that were deployed, which caused sparks and smoke to shoot from the bottom of the vehicle.  

Video from Sky5 also showed the suspect talking on the phone, waving his arm out the window and shouting at authorities. 

At around 10:47 p.m., CHP performed the first PIT maneuver on the suspect’s vehicle.  

It took another four PIT maneuvers before the suspect’s car finally spun out of control and stopped at Rosecrans Avenue and Alameda Street, where CHP took the man into custody.