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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California plans to set aside 10 percent of first vaccine doses for educators, school staff and childcare providers starting in March to help get children back in classrooms.

FOX 5 has covered the push by local school districts to make doses for teachers a priority.

“We have 15,000 employees. We don’t anticipate that all 15,000 of those employees would all come back to school at once,” Richard Barrera, vice president of the San Diego Unified School Board, said earlier this month. “So if we’re talking about simply being able to vaccinate a few thousand employees, that’s a day’s worth of vaccinations at the Petco Park site, just for comparison.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday he hopes the move will help jumpstart in-person learning. It comes a day after California’s legislative leaders agreed on a $6.5 billion proposal aimed at reopening schools this spring that Newsom said doesn’t move fast enough and suggested he could veto.

It also comes as California temporarily closed some vaccination centers and delayed appointments following winter storms elsewhere in the country that hampered the shipment of doses.

San Diego County’s largest vaccination site at Petco Park will once again be closed Friday and Saturday because of delayed vaccine doses. The super station is tentatively scheduled to open Sunday, but UC San Diego Health — which partnered with the county to run the site in downtown San Diego — said delays could potentially run through Monday.

The White House is promising the United States will have enough doses for every American by the end of July.