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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s indoor masking requirement will end next week for vaccinated people but masks still are the rule for schoolchildren.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration brought back the masking mandate in mid-December as the omicron variant gained momentum, and last month extended it through Feb. 15. State health officials said Monday the mandate will end that day.

Local health officials can continue their own requirements, however. As of Monday night, it’s unclear whether San Diego County will follow state guidance and drop the mandate or keep it locally.

Mary Pappas, owner of Athens Market Taverna in downtown San Diego, is ready to leave masks in the past. She wishes the state would drop the requirement today rather than a week from now.

“When we had the masks,” Pappas said. “With the masks, wearing the masks, people got sick and went to the hospital so I don’t know about the masks. I’m not afraid.”

At Basic Bar/Pizza in East Village, manager Ahn Le said she’s a “proponent of getting things back to normal.”

“We are in the people business, so it always helps to see someone smile, to communicate with someone,” Le said. She also questions how to enforce mask rules among unvaccinated customers.

“You know, I think we have a tough enough time just making sure the pizzas come out hot and all the tables get touched,” she said.

The state also is lifting a requirement that people test negative before visiting hospitals and nursing homes, effective immediately.

Meantime, health officials say they are continuing to evaluate the masking requirement for schoolchildren.

San Diego mom Celia Ozereko, who has four kids attending the San Diego Unified School District, said her children have done well with wearing masks “so I’m not worried about it.”

“Most of the places I go, most of the people will still be wearing them so it doesn’t really bother me,” Ozereko said, “but I have a lot of kids so I don’t really relish the idea of being in tight spaces with nobody wearing masks.”

FOX 5’s Megan Healy contributed to this report.