California student stabbed 23 times at school recounts attack


TURLOCK, Calif. (KTXL) — Out of the hospital and back at home, a Turlock teenager shared his story after surviving a violent attack from a fellow student. 

The stabbing happened on the Turlock High School campus two weeks ago

Isaac Covarrubias was stabbed 23 times. 

While most of the visible wounds were starting to close by Friday, the emotional scars from being attacked by a schoolmate may take longer to heal. 

“Honestly, I don’t know what was going through his mind,” Covarrubias told FOX40. “It was just it was random. It was just out the blue.”

Covarrubias said he went to class Friday, Nov. 5, like any other day when another student he said he only knows in passing attacked him with a knife. 

“I say it’s cowardly, like to just do all that,” Covarrubias said. “Like, he could have just spoken up or just talked to me, or like we could have just thrown hands.”

Covarrubias said there was a moment after a teacher stopped the attack and before he was airlifted to the hospital when he thought he might die. 

“When I was laying on the ground, when I heard all the supervisors at school or like whatever yelling to get the bandages, the ambulance, I didn’t even know what’s going on. I was just focusing on breathing,” he recalled.

“I heard the helicopter coming in, so I thought the worst. I was thinking the worst,” said Covarrubias’ mother, Maribel.

Maribel Covarrubias said she rushed to the campus but didn’t see her son until she got to a hospital in Modesto. 

“Then I seen him and he was full of blood,” she said. “My family support and I’ve been praying and I’ve been trying to stay strong for my kids.”

The suspect was arrested and booked into Stanislaus County Juvenile Hall where he remains in custody on suspicion of attempted homicide. 

“I have really lots of anger. I just don’t understand how he did this,” Maribel Covarrubias said.

Isaac Covarrubias’ mother said what happened didn’t just impact her son but also their whole family. As a single mother of four, she hasn’t been able to work as she cares for him.

“My priority right now is my son, not my work,” she told FOX40.

Both mother and son said they’re leaning on their faith and their family to get them through this difficult time. 

“Grateful I’m alive, you know,” Isaac Covarrubias said. “I got God looking over me.”

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