SAN DIEGO, Calif. — The National Football League fills its teams with some of the greatest athletes in the nation and some states are hot spots for championship talent.

An in-depth analysis by Action Network dug into the rosters to find out which universities and colleges score the most professional worthy talent.

When scoping the current NFL landscape, California came in second for most NFL players by state, trailing Texas who took the top spot. Florida came in third place with North Carolina catching fourth and Alabama tackling fifth in rank.

In current, there are 151 NFL players from colleges across California. To put that it in perspective, 9% of current active players come from the Golden State.

So which California colleges and universities are the golden ticket to the NFL draft? As it stands, 12 California institutions sent one or more of their athletes to the present day pros.

UCLA’s Bruins and USC’s Trojans tied with both universities punting 28 athletes into today’s NFL. Standford’s Cardinals came in a close second with 27 players, San Diego State’s Aztecs followed in third with 25 footballers and UC Berkley’s Cal Bears offered up 23 current NFL players.

Here’s a list of the remaining California colleges and universities that have handed off players to the NFL roster:

Fresno State’s Bulldogs (8 players)

San Jose State’s Spartans (7 players)

Azusa Pacific’s Cougars (1 player)

Cal PA’s Vulcans (1 player)

Humboldt State’s Lumberjacks (1 player)

Sacramento State’s Hornets (1 player)

UC Davis’ Aggies (1 player)

Football players aiming for the big league should consider looking at the stats when it comes to choosing their pre-professional team. The scoreboard shows California institutions as a top choice for NFL-caliber talent.