For Americans looking to downsize their living space, one California city could be the perfect place to consider moving to.

Researchers from ranked which cities in the U.S. were ideal places to find the biggest and smallest homes in the country.

Long Beach, located in Los Angeles County, was ranked as the 9th best city to find a smaller home, but the selling price could be out of some people’s price range. found that the median square footage of a home in Long Beach is 1,256, while the median selling price is $764,495.

Long Island City, an upscale neighborhood in Queens, New York, was ranked as the best and most expensive place to look for smaller homes. Researchers found that the median square footage for homes in the area was 762 and the median list price was $900,000.

The complete study can be viewed here.

For potential buyers looking for a bigger home, researchers from found that California isn’t the best place to move, however, other states like Texas, Florida and Colorado have better options.

Greenwich, Connecticut, was ranked as the best city to look for larger homes. The median square footage for a home in the area was 4,857, but the extra space doesn’t come without a hefty price tag.

The median list price for homes in the area was $3.1 million.