SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office announced Thursday that $240 million is now available to help homeless get into homes and close down encampments.

The money is coming from the Encampment Resolution Fund grant which is part of a $700 million two-year program to help solve the homelessness crisis, said a press release from Newsom’s office.

“We have made unprecedented progress since 2019, building over 12,000 new homeless housing units through Homekey, and sheltering more than 60,000 people through Project Roomkey,” Newsom said. “Today, $240 million is up for grabs to make our streets cleaner and safer, and to clean up encampments and get people into housing and shelter.”

Newsom’s office claims over the past two years, the state has given out nearly $98 million to close encampments and get homeless individuals to housing and shelter.

Of the $240 million, $150 million will be focused on projects where people live in encampments on state highways, bridges and other types of infrastructure.

California cities, counties and continuums of care can submit applications to fund projects that do outreach services in-person to provide housing and services to the homeless.

Entities that apply are required to include a detailed service delivery plan that shows a clear path on how they will house individuals that are living in encampments.

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