State’s median income jumps in 2011

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SACRAMENTO — The statewide median income in 2011 rose for individuals and couples, the California Franchise Tax Board reported.

Individual incomes as reflected on state returns rose 2.2% to $34,684 compared with 2010, while joint returns rose 3.6% to $68,122.

Calfornia business, employment, workers, stateMedian income is the point at which half the incomes are higher and half are lower. It is not the average of all incomes.

The state’s highest median income was in Marin County, with $52,032 for individuals and $120,170 for couples. The lowest was Imperial County, with $23,345 for individuals and $37,700 for couples.

San Francisco County had the fifth highest median income for individuals. Orange County ranked 16th, San Diego County 18th, Ventura County 19th, Riverside County 36th, Los Angeles County 38th and San Bernardino County 39th.

Los Angeles County’s median income was $30,255 for individuals and $58,859 for couples. Orange County’s was $36,533 for individuals and $74,965 for joint returns.

State income tax returns for 2012 are due April 15.



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