Cal State to rescind tuition increase after Prop. 30 passage

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Gov. Jerry Brown addresses supporters of Proposition 30 in San Diego.

SACRAMENTO — Following the passage of Proposition 30, California State University said Wednesday that it will start the process of rescinding the $249 per semester tuition-fee increase that took affect for fall 2012.

Voter approval of the tax measure means the university will avoid an additional $250-million midyear funding cut.


Annual tuition for undergraduates will return to the same rate as in 2011-12 — $5,472. Students will be credited, refunded or receive a reconfigured financial aid package, officials said.

“We are hopeful that the passage of Proposition 30 will be the beginning of the state’s reinvestment in higher education,” Cal State Chancellor Charles B. Reed said in a statement. “The long-term benefits of additional revenue can only be realized if higher education is once again a priority. The state needs to start making up for the devastating budget cuts of the past several years and focus on higher education as a driver of California’s economic future.”

Even with the tax measure’s success, officials said state funding is $1 billion less than several years ago. But officials said Cal State’s 23 campuses will probably avoid enrollment cuts for fall 2013. The system had wait-listed most students pending the outcome of Proposition 30 but will now begin reviewing applications for new admissions.

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