125,000 pounds of illegal fireworks confiscated throughout SoCal

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SAN DIEGO — Cal Fire reportedly confiscated roughly 125,000 pounds of illegal fireworks throughout Southern California during the holiday week.

“Even something as harmless as a sparkler that you think would be fairly benign, those are still illegal here in San Diego County,” saidJon Heggie, Cal Fire Battalion Chief.

Not only can playing with fireworks put you at major risk of injuring yourself, but they pose an obvious fire danger.

This year, Heggie said Cal Fire responded to two vegetation fires caused by illegal fireworks.

If your illegal fireworks cause a fire, it could make you responsible for a lot more than just a citation.

“You are going to be held liable not only for starting a fire, but also going to be held responsible for having illegal fireworks,” said Heggie.

The fines for being found in possession of fireworks are hefty, totaling up to $50,000 up to a year of jail time.

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