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SAN DIEGO — We’re not breaking news to you: Anyone who has filled up in the past few weeks knows that gas prices in San Diego are well north of $5 per gallon.

San Diego County has repeatedly shattered records for its highest average cost to fill up, and California is skyrocketing right alongside it. The statewide average was $5.573 Wednesday, and a gallon in the San Diego region cost $5.602 on average, according to data compiled by AAA. Both of those are new records.

Even if they didn’t used to fret over a few cents here or there, a lot of San Diego drivers now want to know where they can find the cheapest gas near them. GasBuddy is a helpful tool: On its app and website, you can check the latest prices and find the lowest cost at a reasonable distance from your home or work.

Here are some of the cheapest gas prices we found around the San Diego region as of Wednesday morning, according to GasBuddy. Because the county is so large, we sampled a variety of areas for their lowest prices:

  • Valley Center – Horizon Fuel Center (31267 Valley Center Road) – $4.99
  • Mission Valley (San Diego) – **Costco (2345 Fenton Parkway) – $5.04
  • Mount Hope (San Diego) – **Costco (650 Gateway Center Drive) – $5.05
  • La Mesa – **Costco (8125 Fletcher Parkway) – $5.05
  • El Cajon – Speedy Mart Fuel (1791 N 2nd Street) – $5.15
  • Santee – **Costco (101 Town Center Parkway) – $5.15
  • Chula Vista – Arco (3190 Main Street) – $5.19
  • Chula Vista – **Costco (895 E H Street) – $5.19
  • Escondido – Vons (351 Felicita Avenue) – $5.19
  • Poway – Phillips 66 (12462 Poway Road) – $5.19
  • San Marcos – **Costco (725 Center Drive) – $5.19
  • Vista – **Costco (1755 Hacienda Drive) – $5.23
  • Ocean Beach – 76 (2305 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard) – $5.24
  • Point Loma – Ralphs (1704 Rosecrans Street) – $5.25
  • Point Loma – 7-Eleven (1826 Rosecrans Street) – $5.25
  • Rancho Bernardo – 76 (17011 W Bernardo Drive) – $5.25
  • Oceanside – Mohsen (x2) (3213 Mission Ave) (628 South Coast Highway) – $5.26
  • Alpine – Sinclair (2232 Alpine Boulevard) – $5.29
  • Bay Park (San Diego) – Valero (1083 Morena Boulevard) – $5.29
  • Carlsbad – Mobil (945 Tamarack Avenue) – $5.29
  • City Heights (San Diego) – 76 (4415 El Cajon Boulevard) – $5.29
  • Lemon Grove – Golden State (7081 Broadway) – $5.29

**Costco stations are often competitively priced, but you’ll need a membership to take advantage. We’re including those, as we know many San Diegans have accounts with the super-store.

If you want to see a longer list of options in your specific community, click on the name of your area under the “Local Prices” menu on Gasbuddy’s San Diego page.

One other thing to keep in mind: If you are one of San Diego’s many military families and you have access to stations on Camp Pendleton, the base’s various autoports were selling gas for $4.99 as of Wednesday morning.

Why are gas prices so high right now? Experts cite a wide range of factors. Crude oil prices are soaring as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, adding to general supply shortages that have lingered from the coronavirus pandemic.

Plus, California has its own set of factors that drive the cost even higher for consumers, ranging from the second-highest gas tax in the nation, more stringent environmental requirements and its geographic isolation from oil-producing areas.