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SAN DIEGO — The long-time Mission Valley headquarters and printing press of the San Diego Union-Tribune was sold Friday, the newspaper said Sunday.

The paper’s home since 1973, the five story building located at 350 Camino de la Reina was sold by its former publisher, Doug Manchester, to BBL Commercial Real Estate. The exact price of the sale was not released, but a source told the Union-Tribune that the 13-acre property sold for more than $50 million.

Manchester sold the paper to Tribune Publishing for $85 million this year. He had owned it since 2011.

The U-T said it is possible that it will stay in the building while renovations by the new owners take place. It hired CBRE brokerage to search for a new downtown location when Manchester sold it to the Chicago-based company.

The Union-Tribune is now printed at the Los Angeles Times presses in L.A., also owned by Tribune.

BBL is headed by Casey Brown, the U-T reported.