Trouble brewing? What local beermakers must do to keep taps flowing amid shortages


CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Breweries are feeling the pinch at the port as raw materials for some 150 breweries in San Diego County are struggling to keep beers on the shelves.

“Aluminum, your grain, your hops,” Chula Vista Brewing Co. brewmaster Ignacio Cervantes said. “Every brewery in town is competing for a lot of the same materials.”

During the pandemic, many breweries purchased canning machines when no drinking was allowed indoors. That kept Chula Vista Brewing afloat, according to Cervantes, who said he doesn’t know what would have happened if they hadn’t purchased it.

But now with the backlog of shipping containers floating idle off the coast of Long Beach, accessing the aluminum cans has become a serious issue.

“There are always delays and every delay pushes us back,” he said. “A beer, the next shipment, the new order. It’s across the board.”

Prices on craft beer is expected to rise due to the cost to manufacturers, but the big question is by how much. Experts are guessing we could see a 3% rise in beer prices in the very near future.

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