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SAN DIEGO — A list of 30 restaurants have earned the approval of customers as some of Tripadvisor’s highest-rated spots in San Diego.

Based on reviews from Tripadvisor that consider service, price, ambiance and food, Stacker, a website that transforms data into stories, found that Ambrogio15 is ranked number one on the list.

Ambrogio15 owner Giacomo Pizzigoni attributes the success to gourmet food and stellar service.

“The most important part of this job is the feedback from the guests, the way we communicate with them, the relationships we build and obviously online reviews can make or break our days,” Pizzigoni said. “We’ve always been really passionate about the raw material, the product of what goes on the plate, the creativity of our chefs. We partner with a Michelin star chef from Milan.”

Born in Milan, Italy, Pizzigoni has brought a contemporary Italian pizza experience to North Pacific Beach, opening Ambrogio15 in 2016.

“We started in the back of the parking lot with four employees in the front of the house and four in the back of the house. Now we have 70 employees across 5 restaurants,” he said. 

You might recognize a few other spots on the highly coveted list including Top of the Market Restaurant in the Marina District, Harney Sushi in Mission Hills, Hodad’s Ocean Beach and downtown locations and more. 

“The massive burgers, the massive rings, the fries, the onion rings, the pride we take in our work and just, people can only get this here in San Diego, it’s a one-of-a-kind burger,” said Chris Saltzman, manager at Hodad’s. 

With countless options, San Diego lures locals and visitors with delicious food and warm hospitality. 

“The fact that the guests come here, and they feel like home, it’s a place where people come two or three times a week,” Pizzigono said.

On a busy President’s Day Weekend, restaurants are happy to seat tables with hungry customers. 

“It means a lot to represent San Diego as one of the best restaurants. We take a lot of pride in our work. I got a lot of people who work really hard, and I appreciate their hustle and we try to serve out the best food we possibly can,” Saltzman said.