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LA JOLLA, Calif. — A high-end honey has been the target of several recent thefts that have occurred at a Whole Foods Market in La Jolla, an employee from the supermarket told FOX 5.

The La Jolla store has reported thieves specifically going after Manuka Honey, which originates from certain parts of Australia and New Zealand, according to Cleveland Clinic Health. It is traditionally used to heal wounds, soothe a sore throat, prevent tooth decay, treat acne and prevent ulcers.

The pricey honey costs around $60 or higher at the Whole Foods Market location in La Jolla, the store said. Customers who want to purchase the item will now have to ask for it at the checkout line.

The La Jolla Whole Foods Market says it does have a security guard during store hours.

FOX 5 reached out to San Diego police who say they are looking into the thefts.

The number of thefts is unknown at this time.

FOX 5’s Raha Sheik contributed to this story.