SAN DIEGO — When a craving strikes for biscuits and gravy, it may be comforting to know that the San Diego area has some of the best around — almost as comforting as the Southern staple itself.

That’s according to a new list compiled by Yelp, which ranked the top 25 spots in the country to enjoy the breakfast dish.

Beach Break Café in Oceanside ranked No. 15 on the list.

“Great service and the best biscuits and gravy ever,” one person wrote on Yelp.

“Side note: these are now my new favorite biscuits and gravy!” another Yelper said.

“Their biscuits are house made and have such a rich taste like your grandma’s biscuits,” another review said.

Farther inland, in Vista, Connie’s came in at No. 24.

“If you’re a big biscuits and gravy fan, this is your place!” one Yelper wrote in August.

“The sausage had a great taste and the biscuits were on point!!!!!,” another review read.

“The biscuits and gravy rocked, and I’m fairly picky about these things,” another Yelper said.

Several other spots in California made the list: Johnny O’s Café in Rancho Cucamonga (No. 3), The Getaway Café in Meyers (No. 8), 24th Street Café in Bakersfield (No. 11), Scotty’s Family Restaurant (No. 12) in Whittier, Ferretiz Grill & Café in Simi Valley (No. 14), Bert’s Café in South Lake Tahoe (No. 17), JT Country Kitchen in Joshua Tree (No. 18) and Beachin’ Biscuits in Pismo Beach (No. 19).

See the full list on the Yelp Blog.

Yelp compiled the list by finding businesses in its food and restaurants category with a large amount of reviews mentioning “biscuits and gravy,” then ranked them based on total volume and ratings of reviews.