Consumers should expect cheaper-priced food items heading into Super Bowl weekend. Analysts at Wells Fargo found that chicken wings, avocados, sirloin steak and more are less expensive than they were a year ago.

During last year’s Super Bowl, whole chicken wings were sold for $3.38 per pound, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, but now they are priced at $2.65, according to the report.

The cheaper price point of chicken wings has contributed to the record-breaking amount Americans are expected to eat during Super Bowl weekend – a staggering 1.45 billion drums and flats.

Other protein items, like sirloin steak and shrimp, will also be cheaper this time around.

The price of sirloin steak has dropped by almost $1 from the previous year. Wholesalers have also slashed the prices for shrimp since there isn’t a high demand compared to this time last year.

In California, avocados can be a hot commodity, so residents will be pleased to know that the fruit is selling for $1.20 on average, a 20% price decrease from prices a year ago around Super Bowl time, according to the report.

However, not all grocery items are experiencing a price decrease. Beer prices have increased 11% from where they were prior and prices for wine and spirits are also on the rise, up 4% and 2%, respectively.

Non-alcoholic beverages have also been affected by the rising costs of ingredients and shipping. However, retail prices have remained affordable, with a 2-liter drink costing $2.13 on average, according to the report.