SAN DIEGO — Need a break from pumpkin spice?

Espresso martinis are all the buzz, and a San Diego restaurant is getting noticed for its version of the caffeinated cocktail.

Also known as a vodka espresso, an espresso martini is made up of espresso, coffee liqueur and vodka in place of gin or vermouth. The beverage is served cold in a cocktail glass and is typically garnished with a few coffee beans.

Barbusa in Little Italy may be known for serving up modern Sicilian fare. But it also brews up an espresso martini that was recently ranked No. 6 on Yelp’s list of top espresso martinis in the United States.

The “Busa espresso martini” is “the first Oat Milk bottled espresso martini made by Barbusa,” according to the restaurant’s cocktail menu.

“I highly recommend indulging in this secret elixir that titillates your taste buds like never before,” one Yelper wrote.

“The espresso martini itself is well worth a visit,” another review stated.

“This espresso martini was perfect – just the right amount of both bitter and sweet with a bit of foam on top,” said another visitor.

One other restaurant in California made the list: Julep Cast Iron Kitchen + Drink in Brea.

Check out the Yelp Blog to see where else you can enjoy a top espresso martini.

Yelp says it compiled its list by first finding businesses with a large concentration of reviews mentioning “espresso martini” in its food, nightlife and restaurants category, then ranked those places using several factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning “espresso martini” between Aug. 17, 2022 and Aug. 17, 2023.

Cheers, San Diego!