SAN DIEGO — Notable businessman Daymond John on Friday joined the FOX 5 set to discuss his new children’s book on financial literacy.

John, best known for being the founder and CEO of clothing label FUBU as well as a star television personality on the hit show “Shark Tank,” is in San Diego to promote his latest work called “Little Daymond Learns to Earn.”

The entrepreneur says his inspiration for the children’s book stems from him being tired of reading his six-year-old daughter books about “some prince that is going to come and save her and find her a glass slipper or save her from a tower.”

“I wanted her, as well as our little boys, to believe that she can make her own slippers and enjoy selling them and I want the prince to come and say, ‘Wow, who owns this whole slipper store, I need to meet her,'” John said.

John believes financial literacy should be in today’s curriculum.

“It’s not about a book, it’s about creating a dialogue and watching our school systems change in certain areas because of this product and having other celebrities and banks and educational systems saying, ‘All right, we need to do that in Atlanta, we need to do that in San Diego,'” John said.

Even with all of his accomplishments in the business world, John wrapped up the interview by saying he wants his book to be his legacy.

“Before I die, I want my little girls to say my daddy created a conversation in this country to help us change the narrative,” John said.