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SAN DIEGO (CNS) – San Diego-based Phamatech Laboratory and Diagnostics Inc. is offering a mobile COVID-19 testing service for local businesses with more than 25 employees, the company announced Monday.

The company says its testing program will provide on-location testing at worksites, to include antigen (by PCR) tests to determine if someone is currently infected, or serology antibody tests to see if someone was previously infected.

Sample collection takes about 15 minutes, with results shared within two to five days, according to Phamatech. Both tests are performed using COVID- 19 testing platforms authorized for use through Emergency Use Authorizations issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“Many of the outbreaks in our community have been tied to businesses, so Phamatech took additional steps to bring in new equipment and tests so local businesses can help employees feel confident in returning to the workplace,” said Dr. Thomas Aucoin, Phamatech’s vice president. “We are already working closely with local physicians and corporations to begin the testing their employees and support their measures for safe reopening plans.”

For more information on testing and pricing, visit Phamatech’s website.