SAN DIEGO – San Diego gas stations are now selling gas well below $5.

Gas is going for as low as $4.65 at a station on Clairemont and Clairemont Mesa. 

It is welcoming news for drivers on the last day of November.

San Diegans are paying an average of $4.98 countywide.

Gas prices dropped five cents overnight.

As of Wednesday, it is 20 cents less than it was a week ago.

People filling up Wednesday morning said it is about time, but they feel gas
is still way too expensive.

“I’m old school if it was like $1.50 a gallon or something yeah that would
be great,” said Troy Dunsmore. “I remember those days, but it is what it is at
least it’s going in the right direction.”

Another driver named Emmanuel Codega told FOX 5 “it makes a little bit of a
difference but it signals that probably inflation is going down a little bit so
that’s probably the best news in regards to the gas going down.”

One year ago, gas was going for $4.66.