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SAN DIEGO — After San Diego County officials ordered restaurants to stop indoor operations, dozens of businesses are being forced to close — but Breakfast Republic in Liberty Station won’t be one of them thanks to their neighbor, Stone Brewing.

About 70% of Breakfast Republic’s dining is indoors — a crucial piece of income. However, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens next door had a little extra patio seating to give.

“Oh yeah, we are very thankful,” said General Manager Alan Hagoriles.

“Given the coronavirus, we have some space that’s under-utilized and it was an easy decision to help out a neighbor,” said Gregg Frazer, vice president of hospitality for Stone Brewing.

With over 400 patio seats, the restaurant has the ability to have 1,200 guests at full capacity.

“These are crazy outdoor spaces,” Frazer said. “Nowadays most people look at these and go, ‘no way, business models like this don’t make sense.’ It’s impressive to have this space. To be able to provide this much outdoor seating is a blessing.”

Hagoriles certainly appreciates it. Breakfast Republic won’t miss a beat with the new addition of about 90 seats next door. The space Stone Brewing is lending them is just around the corner, about 50 feet from the kitchen.

“Waiting times for us have been about an hour and a half,” Hagoriles said. “Now, we have this huge patio space.”