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SAN DIEGO — As temperatures go up, options to cool off seem to be going down.

Public libraries and pools in San Diego County remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The City of San Diego has reopened its parks, but reopening its 13 public pools could take time. According to the city, about 250,000 people use the city’s pools every year.

If you’re one of many San Diegans looking to put a pop-up pool in your backyard, it may be too late.

“I got word from distribution today that I cannot gain access to any more above-ground pools for the season, for the year,” said Brian Dresser, owner of Discount Pool Supply.

Some have managed to get their hands on a pool. But as Noah Warren will tell you, figuring out how to care for it is another challenge. “I started looking around for filters and different pool supplies. I tried Amazon and it said it wasn’t going to be here for two weeks. Home Depot was out of stock. Tried calling pool places in our area and they’re not even open.”

Most local pool shops are closed. Warren drove about 10 miles out of Point Loma and ended up at Dresser’s shop.

“I was very relieved to find a supplier who had exactly what I needed,” he said.