Oceanside’s last strip club may permanently close


OCEANSIDE, Calif. – The Main Attraction Gentleman’s Club has been a staple on North Coast Highway in Oceanside for years, but it may not be for much longer.

Resident Sean Burns says the strip club’s nickname “The Purple Church” comes from the purple doors and the purple awning that used to be over the front door.

“I’ve heard a lot of people are going to miss it,” Britany Rowlett said. She said not everyone is on board with the plans to replace the building, especially friends in the military. “I know there’s a lot of Marines who are going to have to travel a bit farther to get that kind of entertainment.”

“I think that’s great,” Tara Rynders said of the establishment closing down, although she said she’s only visiting the city. “I don’t believe in those places.”

The strip club closed its doors in March because of the coronavirus, but the city had hopes of closing it long before that. Discussions for a mixed-use project that would transform the property into something completely different started heating up last year. The Alta Oceanside Project would replace the strip club and about five acres of surrounding property with commercial space and apartments.

“Well, we do need more housing in California, so I guess I’m for it,” Rowlett said.

The plan calls for 309 apartments with a combination of one, two and three-bedroom units, 26 of which would be reserved for very low-income families. The development would likely bring increased foot traffic for local businesses, but car traffic would be a different story. The plan has a five-level parking structure and 503 parking spaces.

“It’s pretty busy out here already,” Burns said.

Oceanside City Council voted 5-0 last week to move forward with the plan, but specific dates on when a final closing could happen don’t seem to be available.

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