OCEANSIDE, Calif. – Pacific Surfliner passengers hoping to travel between San Diego and counties to the north will have to do so with a bus detour between Oceanside and Irvine a while longer.

“I was used to how smooth the train would run and I had to figure out how a bus worked, which was not very easy,” said Kylie Acuña.

As of now, no one can say how long this latest detour will last.

The Orange County Transportation Authority told FOX 5 in a statement Monday there is no timeline set for restarting service, writing:

“We at OCTA, working with Metrolink and Pacific Surfliner, and with the city of San Clemente, are working to collect data on the hillside’s movement and reviewing options for being able to keep the debris from the hillside off the tracks. We of course want to reestablish passenger service as soon as possible but safety is always our guide. We will all work together to continue to update passengers as soon as we know more.”

That debris was first noticed about a week and a half ago falling from a slope north of the San Clemente pier. The interruption in service on April 27 came 10 days after full service had just resumed from an issue just two miles south in San Clemente.

Frequent riders will remember a nearly six month closure of the tracks in order to stabilize the area after a landslide.

“I’ve had a bus break down on the road and that’s something I don’t really have to worry about with the train, so I really do miss it and I have encountered a lot of other people who are also not too happy about the bus situation,” said Acuña.

A spokesperson for Amtrak Pacific Surfliner told FOX 5: “The LOSSAN Agency is continuing to provide bus bridges between Irvine and Oceanside to maintain the vital intercity connections between San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles counties.”

As long as the detour is in place, factor in some extra time. Riders say the bus takes much longer than the train would, especially during rush hour.

Even though passenger trains are not able to get through the affected area, limited freight trains were able to resume service last week.