SAN DIEGO – You now have almost 24 hours to indulge in burritos, churros and more at a new food hall located in Pacific Beach.

“Mission + Garnet” is a new business that has replaced the former Denny’s that caught fire in 2018 located at 4505 Mission Blvd.

The food hall is comprised of several different food vendors all at one location.

Some of the foods they feature are:

  • Whole meat sandwiches by “Harvey Carver’s”
  • Waffle-shaped churros from “Checkered Churros, Waffle’d Churros”
  • Salads by “HEAD LETTUCE”
  • Burritos made by “Earlybird Breakfast Burritos”
  • Hot dogs from “Scotty Dogs”
  • Tacos by “SPITFIRE, North of the Border”

Although the former Denny’s was demolished, a lot of the same elements of the restaurant remain in “Mission + Garnet,” according to Scott Slater, founder of Apex Brand Collection.

“We kept a lot of the same design elements of Denny’s we didn’t want to raze the place and just get rid of the memory of a 50-year-old Denny’s. We kept the shape of the sign, we have the zigzags of the old 60s architecture,” Slater explained.

Slater told FOX 5 they expect to have the new sign rotated and up and running on Feb. 28.

In addition to offering various types of foods, “Mission + Garnet” is adding jobs to the economy.

Slater said so far, they have hired at least 60 people and expect to hire 25 more. It’s an hourly wage job at $20 an hour.

“Mission + Garnet” is open daily from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. (the next day).

FOX 5’s Heather Lake contributed to this report.