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SAN DIEGO — As another stay-at-home order forces hundreds of businesses in San Diego County to shut down, one impacted industry is personal care services like nail salons.

“Shutting down one more time, they’re crazy. I’m not shutting down my business,” said one owner who declined to appear on camera.

Fed up, angry and tired, she said she plans to defy the new stay-at-home order.

“I’m putting stuff on my windows. I’m not shutting down my business. I put too much money in this business. This is my livelihood. It’s not closing down.”

The latest order would make it the third time since March she’s had to close. In her opinion, it’s unfair.

“I am a small business and there’s millions and millions of businesses, small business who doesn’t have any funds like these big box businesses,” the owner said. “Why are we being bullied? Why are we being closed down? Do you understand how much stress? I don’t sleep.”

While that owner has made up her mind, Victoria Vo, who owns Crystal’s Nails & Spa in Lakeside, isn’t quite sure what she’s going to do.

“I’m torn with mixed feelings right now because I don’t want to say,” Vo said.

Vo’s nail salon has done everything required of it to keep clients and staff safe during the pandemic. She says she understands why the shutdown needs to happen but it’s still disappointing.

“That’s how we feed our family and our staff is depending on us as well, so it’s really sad times,” Vo said.