SAN DIEGO — In the mood for some new McDonald’s beverages? The fast food restaurant unveiled two new Cold Brew drinks Wednesday across locations in San Diego County for a limited time.

The announcement comes ahead of National Cold Brew Day on April 20.

One of the selections, Cold Brew, is made from a signature blend of arabica beans and served over black ice, McDonald’s said in a release. The drink is slow steeped to deliver a smooth and strong flavor.

The other option, Marble Cold Brew, is poured over ice and mixed with McDonald’s new creamy syrup, which is then topped with a swirl of cream for an indulgent finish, according to the restaurant.

The beverages will be available all day and can be purchased in the restaurant, at the Drive Thru and on the McDonald’s app.

McDonald’s is offering the two new Cold Brew drinks at about 600 stores across the region.