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VISTA, Calif. — Some retail businesses in California were permitted to reopen Friday under stage two of the state’s reopening plan, as some restrictions were relaxed ahead of Mother’s Day weekend.

On Main Street in Vista, cell phone stores reopened and bakeries and florists have started their businesses up again. Friday was the first day several businesses were able to come back, and while customers are not allowed to enter the businesses, products can be sold out of the door.

“Vista has been a ghost town for the last month or so,” said Dan Gish, owner of Crozier’s Flowers.

“Once they found out we were open it was like the flood gates. So we are trying to keep up with demand,” said co-owner Jenifer Gish.

The rebounding economy for the local flower shop has been moving at breakneck speed. The big question is, once Mother’s Day passes, will their business continue with consistency or will the economy flounder?

“It’s pretty special that things like this are available for us to do these things for our loved ones. If we are safe and cautious on how we do these things, I think the rest of the economy is going to follow,” said a customer at the flower shop.