Local businesses welcome this year’s Valentine’s Day rush


SAN DIEGO — Holidays have looked different throughout the last year, but as pandemic restrictions slowly relax, restaurants, flower shops and more are welcoming the extra business ahead of Valentine’s Day.

“We sell a lot of red roses, everyone likes the red,” said Brianna Wray at Angel Petals Flower Shop.

About two days out from Valentine’s Day, the National City shop is a revolving door of orders.

“I got a dozen roses, I got her a nice little balloon that says you and me were meant to be, and I got her some chocolates,” said Gilbert Machado, who was treating his valentine of 11 years. No waiting until the last minute, in his case. But Sunday, it will be a different story at the shop.

“Rush starts today. So, today until Sunday — and on Sunday we have a line going down the street,” Wray told FOX 5 on Friday.

If you are dining out this weekend, remember restaurants are still limited to outdoor dining and some don’t even offer reservations because of how in-demand the day is.

“It’s a first-come, first-serve basis. We tend to fill up pretty quickly and it’s one of the best days every year,” said Gabriel Zaino, with Italianissimo Trattoria in Chula Vista.

The holiday all about love isn’t the only thing putting people in a good mood. After a tough year, recently relaxed restrictions and strong community support for local business is what’s keeping everyone going.

“It’s been a difficult year. We’ve been just to-go only for a period of time. It’s nice for us to have that space where we can actually have people here outdoors safely on Valentine’s Day,” Zaino said.

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